Making Kin In One Eco-Bantustan

  Donna Haraway straddles a number of philosophical and scientific ideas. Deep ecology, posthumanism, Marxist feminism, and her own idiosyncratic syntheses and fabulations create an aesthetic and philosophical worldview that can be interpreted in many ways. The definition that this paper will pursue is utopian, in the Marxist sense of the word. In “Socialism: Scientific […]

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Denouncing the previous posts on this blog. New posts coming soon. im so ruthlessly commited to Dialectics that i am constantly at war with the person i was two days ago, who is a clown and a coward — zmora z telewizora (@unhaunting) May 22, 2014

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Fantasies of Solidarity

Recently I watched the film “Terminator Salvation” because I’m a masochist and more importantly because I half-remembered seeing it mentioned favorably in a kpunk post. Or maybe it was another Terminator movie. As bored and annoyed as I was by it all, by every creative decision taken by the director and the rest, I was […]

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Teenagers from Outer Space

Communism, Fascism, Totalitarianism. The supposedly anti-individual, anti-human ‘isms’ that we are told were defeated by liberal capitalism.  Historically, Communism and Fascism both had strong eugenic components, though of course Fascism’s was the most notorious and destructive. Still, it was first Soviet Communism that advanced the image of a mechanized humanity marching toward the future. In […]

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SovGoth Science Fiction pt. 1

Filing this post under continued investigations into Soviet Goth, in this case, touching on the importance of science fiction in my usual rambling way. I read that Karl Marx can be considered a sort of science fiction writer. I don’t remember who said it, but I like the idea very much. Science fiction is the […]

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Tankie Patchwork pt. 1

Second post of the night. Dogmatism and Donetsk, thinking about the breakaway People’s Republics who’s existence and significance I don’t claim to understand but who seem intensely important on a strange and partially aesthetic level. I plan to come back and talk about this in a more structured way at some point. There’s something here, […]

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Scorched Earth Dogmatism

    Another Saturday, another kpunk post. And two TC posts today, to avoid the drone strike. “We Dogmatists” was linked to me by This Book Burns Itself (go sit in his brainlet corner and read a post). “We Dogmatists” is a post against relativism and idiotic liberal tolerance. “No, I do not want to […]

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