Conversation on PC Music

I drank a lot of Hard Seltzer and talked to my friend humble filmmaker jessi (@jejesjesijessi on twitter) about why I don’t uncritically enjoy PC Music. I have harsh words I’d tone down if I was sober. I assume the majority of readers of this blog are fans/very interested in this kind of music, as […]

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Repeating PodThoughts

My state is technically open but I am still quarantining. I went outside for the first time in two months to buy alcohol and enjoy the unseasonably cool temperature. I am going to come back to blogging, slowly. Here are some quotations from the the usual suspects. In order: Dugin (lol), Wyndham Lewis, Groys, Vladislav […]

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Pod Thoughts on Surveillance

I’m living in a pod and eating bugs, under quarantine, like all of us. Here’s a little thought from the Pod. I might do more of these. The good posts on this site came from stimulants. This one comes form alcohol and movies. It’s slower, more stupid and more melancholic. It’s a lackadaisical self-pity rather […]

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