Pigs And Trees

This is the first of maybe two or three posts dedicated to my slow digestion of Wyndham Lewis’s “The Art of Being Ruled”. The book is a little like Junger’s “Der Arbeiter”, strange and idiosyncratic hybrids of left and right modernisms focusing on the transformation of society into a factory/prison/battlefield. Lewis identifies himself with a […]

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The Moon Should Stand Still

“Rulers have a great aversion to violent changes. they want everything to stay the same–if possible, for a thousand years. If possible, the moon should stand still and the sun move no farther in its course. Then no one would get hungry any more and want dinner. And when the rulers have fired their shot, […]

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Anti-Body Anti-Fascism

Body fascism is the hilarious term being used in this now notorious tweet: Apparently, body fascism is nice, muscular male bodies being liked more than non-muscular, nice bodies which remain unpromoted. That’s my guess at least. I imagine they’d follow up with something about queerphobia, fatphobia, racism, transphobia, etc. and may not be entirely wrong. […]

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Ugly, Repelling, Unbearable

At the end of history the human being ceases to exist and only animals remain. Human beings have all their desires met. They are fed and clothed, or more importantly, there is the possibility that they may be fed and clothed. The deepest human desire, the desire to be seen and recognized, is fulfilled by […]

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